As the daughter of a lifelong school teacher, I know education is the key to personal progression. Purposeful education now ensures quality careers in the future.

We must support education that trains Utahns for the skills needed in our communities. I will:

  • partner with the Chambers of Commerce and local business leaders to ensure students graduate with an employable skill set.

  • work to preserve and expand grants for career and technical education in community colleges and vocational institutes.

  • make sure training in employable skills continues to provide a pathway into the middle class for the next generation.

Student loan debt has reached $1.5 trillion. Saddling students with debt is not only destructive to their futures, it also slows and depresses our economy. Instead of this crushing debt, I believe we need to get serious about strengthening grant programs and forgiving loans for those who serve their communities. In addition, we should find pathways that lead to tuition-free education for qualified students at all public universities, colleges and trade schools.