Healthcare access and affordability is the reason I am in this race. We need a representative who will protect Medicare and Medicaid and work each and every day for healthcare for every American.

Representative Stewart says he supports all families, but his recent votes that jeopardize the healthcare of Utahns leaves me with questions. With me, you get a candidate who would:

  • In the near term, I would vote each and every time for affordability and access to healthcare.

  • In the long-term, I will work with Republicans and Democrats on a health care solution for every American--not vote to take away people’s choices.

I believe we can do better. We need to find a way to keep premiums and deductibles affordable for every family. Rural communities need choices and to have access to primary care, specialists, emergency care, and resources that help our senior Utahns age in place. We must turn words into action by funding and finding real solutions to our opioid crisis and drug addiction.

It is a moral obligation to leave no patient without care and to care for the sick and weakest among us. Every person deserves to live with care and dignity.