Human Dignity

We are a nation of immigrants. Immigration is a powerful part of our Utah's history as well. I am the daughter of an immigrant. The fabric of the United States is woven by the hands of immigrants.

Yes, our immigration system needs repair. And we can and must do it in a way that preserves each and every person’s dignity. Undocumented children need a path to citizenship and we should take steps to keep families together. We must also make our border secure and make it easier for people to come to this country safely and legally. These ideas are not in conflict. I will support humane local and state laws that integrate immigrants into our society.

Locking people up for years for non-violent crimes diminishes our workforce and hurts families. Make no mistake—communities of color and the most vulnerable among us pay the price for unequal policing and sentencing practices. Enough is enough.

Let’s protect the rights of all Americans by ending the bail-bonds system, demilitarizing the police, legalizing marijuana as an alternative to pain medication and ensuring fair processes and procedures when it comes to interacting with our criminal justice system.

I will advocate for equal pay for equal work. I believe that workplaces must honor human dignity and be free from harassment. I will fight against discrimination against LGBT* people from schools to policing to those seeking mortgages or student loans. We need comprehensive non-discrimination policies that allow each American the chance to succeed.