Jobs and Economy

You know what made America great? Investing in working people and ensuring the middle-class had the opportunity to thrive. We can do this again.

To boost our economic growth, we need to invest in infrastructure. This investment will create jobs and rebuild our local communities. Partnerships with unions and other apprenticeship and training programs are essential to building our communities and workforce now and for the future.

We can provide a living wage to all Utahns by raising the federal minimum wage. Honest pay for an honest day’s work creates a strong economy and self-reliant families who are able to get ahead.

We need federal incentives to end outsourcing and to reward companies that support and invest in American workers.

When I work on tax reform as your Representative, working families will be prioritized over private jet owners.

I have worked since I was a teenager. I’m grateful that my husband and I each only have to work one job to provide for our family. My work brings me great pride and I know yours does too. Each American deserves to feel valued and dignified in the work that they do. Send me to Washington, and I will stand on the side of working people.