Meet Shireen


I’m Shireen Ghorbani and I stand on the side of everyday freedoms and everyday families. 

I am running for Congress so that we can prioritize everyday Americans in Washington. Just like families across this state, in 2016 I sat around the kitchen table with my family making big decisions. My mom got sick with pancreatic cancer in 2016 and we had to figure out how we would pay for her care. She worked her entire life as a schoolteacher and paid into the Medicare system. Medicare was there for us when we needed it and she got the care she deserved.

I am a communications professional at the University of Utah and I spend much of my work time solving problems and striving to do work in more collaborative and efficient ways – a skill I think Washington could use. I have been an advocate for people who experience sexual violence for 20 years and I currently serve as the board chair for the Rape Recovery Center in Salt Lake City. I hold two Masters Degrees in Communication and Policy.

I served in the United States Peace Corps with my husband, Nick, from 2003 to 2005 in the Republic of Moldova where I worked on issues of gender and development. The daughter of an immigrant, I was raised by a single mother who taught me the importance of hard work, community, and balancing a budget. I believe we need representatives in our elected offices that work for everyday people trying to make ends meet, not large corporations trying to make a profit. I know a strong
education system, good jobs, and fair and equitable housing creates pathways for people to live the American dream and give back to their communities.

Nick, a teacher, and I live in Salt Lake City with our son, Desmond, and our dog, Sarge.


Meet Bart the Bear

Shireen and Bart Small.png

Bart the Bear stands up for our public lands. 

A special thanks to Bart the Bear for standing up for our public lands. Bart the Bear is an ambassador for the Vital Ground Foundation, which was established in 1990 and has helped protect and conserve nearly three-quarters of a million acres of land. Vital Ground Foundation focuses on conserving these Western US lands for wild things, from bears to butterflies. Learn more at