Meet Shireen


I’m Shireen Ghorbani and I stand on the side of everyday freedoms and everyday families. 

I am running for Congress so that we can prioritize everyday Americans in Washington. Just like families across this state, in 2016 I sat around the kitchen table with my family making big decisions. My mom got sick with pancreatic cancer in 2016 and we had to figure out how we would pay for her care. She worked her entire life as a schoolteacher and paid into the Medicare system. Medicare was there for us when we needed it and she got the care she deserved.

Every family needs the freedom and dignity that comes with access to affordable care. I got in this race because of my own story, and every day I’m driven forward by your stories.

The farmer who sees his crop prices in jeopardy due to policy by tweet and wants more stability and civility in our politics.

The immigrant who on the day she became a United States Citizen, drove down to the San Rafael Swell and wept because those lands were now her lands too.

The college student seeing Pell Grants and low interest loans dry up and calculating the risk of long term student debt.

The Dreamer who waits in anxiety and fear because he’s done everything we’ve asked, yet still sees no answers.

Utahns want a Representative who will come to the table with bold ideas and solutions that work for everyday Utahns, and we haven’t seen that recently. In 2018, we can vote for change.

Your stories give me faith that we have the power to rise to the challenges we face if we have the will to do so.

I will vote to protect and increase access to affordable healthcare. I seek to invest in education from early childhood to supporting those who decide to pursue degrees after high school. I will work on tax reform that actually closes loopholes and benefits families like yours and mine - without jeopardizing the future of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. From prioritizing affordable housing, to protecting net neutrality so we all can have the freedom of the internet, to protecting our air, environment and public lands—I will work for you. I will work for Utah.

Our commitment to our communities, to common decency, and to our shared values of freedom and taking care of our neighbor is greater than our commitment to our political parties. I’m asking for your vote and support.

I need you to know that when I go to Washington, I will always be voting for you.


Meet Bart the Bear

Shireen and Bart Small.png

Bart the Bear stands up for our public lands. 

A special thanks to Bart the Bear for standing up for our public lands. Bart the Bear is an ambassador for the Vital Ground Foundation, which was established in 1990 and has helped protect and conserve nearly three-quarters of a million acres of land. Vital Ground Foundation focuses on conserving these Western US lands for wild things, from bears to butterflies. Learn more at