I’m Shireen Ghorbani: working mother, wife, and community volunteer. 

I am running for office because my mom worked her entire life as a schoolteacher, paid into the Medicare system, and needed it when she got sick with pancreatic cancer and died in 2016. Medicare was there when she needed it. Every American deserves the same.

Like many of you after the 2016 election, I have called Representative Chris Stewart’s office often to express my concern about the positions, policies, and people that he supports. I have asked the individuals who answer the phone a simple question: “Can you give me one example of a time when he has changed his mind based on the concerns of his constituents?” I’ve now asked this question several times. No one answering the phones can produce a single example of when he has listened to us and changed his mind.

Utahns deserve better. We need a Representative with the willingness to listen and the ability to see beyond partisan politics. At the very least, we deserve someone who will come back to the District to explain their decisions and why it benefits all of us.

I am concerned our Representative has even lost track of the promises he made to his own people. He promised he would reign in out­-of-­control spending and decrease the deficit. His recent voting records suggest the opposite. It’s not asking too much for the Representative to square his recent votes to increase the deficit, take away healthcare to millions, and give tax cuts to private jet owners, with the promises he has made.

I know we’re not asking too much. We deserve better. I know you think this too. I see you shoveling your neighbor’s driveway without asking what party they vote for. You’ve told me about the countless hours you spend serving your communities by donating clothes, keeping rural libraries open, organizing arts festivals, and making meals for those in need.

Our commitment to our communities is greater than our commitment to our political parties. I love the great state of Utah. I believe each and every Utahn deserves the chance to succeed. You might think, “Well, I would never vote for a Democrat.” 

But when I go to Washington, I want you to know I will always be voting for you. I'm Shireen Ghorbani.