Preparing for Our Future

As a person 20 years younger than our current Congressman, who puts her 3-year-old son to bed every night, I am faced every day with the real knowledge that the decisions our Congress is making are neither bold nor brave enough to meet the challenges my son will face as an adult.

This challenge presents opportunity—to invest in new jobs in clean, cost-effective renewable energy that will help the air we breathe and diversify our economy. Already, clean energy jobs in Utah outnumber extractive jobs. We can expand our investments in solutions so we can stop having to invest in disaster cleanup.

I’m concerned that our Representative appears more invested in protecting the profits of Chevron and ExxonMobil than in protecting our families.

Creating sound infrastructure for the future not only means repairing roads and bridges, but also investing in broadband internet in rural communities to support everything from business growth to telehealth. It means expanding electric vehicle infrastructure to offset our reliance on fossil fuels and creating good-paying jobs for electricians. It means encouraging resilient water management practices to withstand extended droughts.

Our public lands also spur economic development across our state. I will work for sensible land management policies so that small business owners feel confident investing in their communities. We must work for a future where our rural economies continue to grow as families from around the world visit our beautiful lands for generations to come.

In a very tangible way, our children will live in the future that we create now. I am committed to ensuring that future remains bright.